Top 10 Steps to get a Perfect ‘Figure 8’ Shape

How do these film stars whom you admire so much have the figure you crave for? You should understand that they are show people and hence must have an appearance that will captivate everyone. So they undergo surgical corrections and other modalities which will give them an hour glass structure. You should not try to ape what they are doing, but you can have an enviable figure provided you start at a young age.

1. Do not lead a sedentary life, as if you do not do any work it makes fat accumulate in your body and you have no chance to burn it by your lifestyle. Do not spend too much time before the computer. You should walk up the stairs during the break, avoiding lifts, a small way to burn your calories.

2. Junk food induces fat in your body and so do not have a craving for it. It has no nutritive value and obesity which has become so common now has its attributes to junk food.

3. You should concentrate on your waist and tummy to look smashing and what more could be effective than proper exercises. Exercises especially for your tummy and midriff region should be concentrated by you. You should not do exercises on and off, but do it on regular basis to see real results.

4. Stand straight and lift your hand. Touch your toes without bending your knees. Do it twenty times and gradually increase it to fifty times. Skipping is very good for your legs and for the total fat deposit in your body. Lie down on the floor without pillows and lift your legs without bending your knees. It is excellent for your stomach region.

5. Drink lots of water in between your meals as you get that filled feeling without eating much.

6. Do not starve yourself to get the figure you dream about as you will be depriving your body of essential minerals and vitamins if you do so. Your breakfast is important to make you energetic to see you through the day and so do not skip it. You should eat healthy, as only if you are hale and hearty can you sustain your hour glass figure.

7. Do your own work, like washing your clothes, gardening and cleaning the house as it will help you burn your calories. When you walk, walk briskly.

8. Your posture should not be slouched, but straight and erect. Tuck in your stomach and instead of breathing in and out, you should breathe up and down. That is, your stomach should not extend out while breathing, but heave up and down.

9. Instead of oily food, eat food less in calories but rich in vitamins and minerals.Fruits, green leafy vegetables are all good for your health. Say ‘no’ to fried items, soft drinks, cakes and sweets.

10 .Last but not the least, I will tell you a simple way to thaw your fat and it is so effective that you will start seeing results immediately. Do not drink cool water, but drink only hot water and you will see quick results. After having any food, drink a glass of hot water and there will be no unwanted accumulation of fat in your body.

Starving or depriving yourself is not the way to have an hourglass figure as it will only weaken you in a draining way. Be active and vigorous and you should do regular exercises to get an hour glass figure.Do not ignore the hot water therapy as it is one the easiest way to lose fat.

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  1. tessy

    this is very interesting. I wil follow dis tips to work on my shape.thanks

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