Secrets To Life After Marriage: Being Happily Ever After Marriage

You are Welcome to life after Marriage. How many of us believe that it is possible to have happy family after marriage?

To be happily ever after marriage is very much easy and possible.The secret to that is acceptance and commitment to one another.The key is being grateful for the gift of one another and what you have now.

We all have the dreams of a perfect life together as about to weds and the newly wedded. Many newly wedded have reveal how lucky they are on the wedding day. But at some points becoming one is difficult than expected. That is when couple resign from the hope of living happily ever after marriage.

Don,t give up on your dreams of being happy after marriage,it is very possible and easy if only you will pay attention to this article that many has been used including in my own marriage.

Immediately you are pronounced husband and wife, you become the raw materials for marriage- the good and bad thing that you have brought together as persons. You will have to work to design,create,and build a lasting bond, and the result is an enduring and meaningful sense of genuine fulfillment in life after marriage.

Happiness in marriage needs a lot of work,time and invest in your marriage daily,do not allow external things to effect your happiness in marriage.

There are some hard truth and experiences you will encounter after marriage that will make you think you have made a bad choice.It only means you got married and must make it work and do not give up because happiness after marriage is possible.

Here are the simple and best secrets to success in life after marriage

1, Affection: Our marriages need affection to thrive. Our basic need is to love and be loved. Create and sustain atmosphere of love in your marriage after wedding. Men spell affection as sex while women spell affection as talk and time.

When a husband emotionally connect to his wife,he prepares her for sexual intimacy. Once we prepare our soul to each other,the body will automatically follow and we will be happy forever after marriage.

2, Encouragement: Be available to your spouse,physically and emotionally. Do not expect a thriving marriage if there is too much hostility and lack of attention paid to your spouse .It does not work that way, encourage each other and support each other in all ramification of life.

3, Warm: We all have emotional bank accounts. Make more deposit than withdrawal. Put more hug,kindness,and keeping your promise and commitment. Withdraw nagging,rudeness, critical spirit,external factors and anything that will affect your marriage in negative way.Happiness after marriage is very important and you can make it work.

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