10 Million At Your Fingertips, 5 Essential Career Tips For Job Seekers

10 Million At Your Fingertips, 5 Essential Career Tips For Job Seekers

Career Tips For Job Seekers

 “January is the peak month for job searching,” says Daniel Zhao, senior economist at Glassdoor. “In January, there are 22 percent more job applications started on Glassdoor than in a typical month.”

Employers could be on the lookout for you, too. “The beginning of the year is a time when many employers are looking to bring in new talent,” says Michelle Armer, chief people officer at CareerBuilder. CareerBuilder’s own research found that last year, nearly four in 10 companies planned to add to their head count in the first quarter.

 So if you’re thinking about starting 2020 with a job change, you will have a lot of opportunity — but you will have a lot of company, too. Here are the steps you should take right now to make yourself stand out in a sea of applications, according to experts.

5 Essential Career Tips For Job Seekers

You are a qualified graduate and you have been having difficulty in getting a job opportunity for some years now, there is light at the end of the tunnel,

 Here are 5 career tips to lead you on this journey:

  1. Start something unique

 People often rave and rant about being financially down but they do not take steps towards alleviating such circumstances. Money cannot present itself on a platter of gold you have to search for and attract money. Funnily enough once you get the steps right it all turns out easy. The first basic step is to do something or start something, you may feel like what exactly can I do or people are doing everything already so I can’t make waves that is actually a misconception. Find the area of your strength develop it and start a business with it and the rest as they say is history.

  1. Get funding

 This is actually the tasking part, a lot of people have ideas but these ideas die a silent death without funding. A growing misconception is that one needs a large capital before you can start a business, this is wrong. People are often ready to sponsor but once the prospective sponsoree gives an extravagant amount they most times withdraw their support. So the number one tip is to start small, whatever business you want to delve into start with as little capital as possible. There are times when the business doesn’t bloom and if a large capital has been invested into it then the loss is great but if the capital is not too much then the loss is not too great. Basically the main gist is to start small.

  1. Grow your business and brand your business

 The next step is to grow your business and also brand it. To grow your business it starts from you, you need to start developing yourself with different skills (communication skills, marketing skills, language skills…) to distinguish you in the labour market. People can go to a greater mile in order to get a better service and product so why not be the reason for that for extra mile.

Branding your business is also very important. This is making your business unique in the labour market with an insignia that only you use and cannot be used by someone else. This really helps in boosting one’s business and making a name for it in the labour market.

  1. Save

 This has proved to be the most difficult yet the most rewarding technique in business. People do not often cultivate the habit of saving, they spend as it comes, spending on luxury instead of necessity. So to save is paramount to the success of any business.

  1. Once established, divert into another stream of income

 Moving on, after you have fulfilled the above steps, the next thing is to invest in something else with the income you’ve saved. People often dispute this fact but to clear the air ill buttress my point. You do not necessarily have to invest in businesses that needs constant supervision, you may invest in lands (sale/purchase of land) buy shares in companies… and still be doing well in your previous business. A stream of income conquers poverty for a while but multiple streams of income conquers poverty for life.

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